Environmental Protection

Recycling Essential To The Environment

We provide the essential collection and distribution services needed to keep our environment clean from used oil. Used oil disposed of incorrectly can foul sewage treatment processes, reduce soil productivity and oil from a single oil change can pollute a million gallons of drinking water. Recycling one gallon of used oil produces 2.5 quarts of lubricating oil.

Complete Compliance of Environmental Regulations

Proper disposal of oil, oil filters, anti-freeze, floor-dry and absorbents must meet state and federal regulations along with the RCRA and MPCA requirements. Loe’s Oil is in full compliance with these regulations. In fulfilling these requirements all transactions by Loe’s Oil are computerized and kept on file for five years. A computerized waste management tracking sheet for each customers’ yearly transactions is available upon request. A mandatory SPCC and security plan of action have been developed and ready to use if needed.


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